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How to Use Text Messages to Retain Users

But how?
Many SaaS companies are scared to use text messages, with good reason. We’ve all received our share of annoying, random text messages from companies we’ve never heard of. So most of us tend to shy away from texting our users, and there’s no reason to.

A recent survey showed more than 50% of texters don’t mind receiving text messages from businesses at least 1-5 times a week. If your user opted in and your text messages are helpful and timely, your text messages will be welcome.

When we say “opted in”, we mean they were legitimately opted in. Not “tricked in”. Meaning your users physically checked off that they wanted to receive text messages.

And again the key is timely and relevant text messages.


How to Improve Your Customers’ Checkout Experience Today

Over the years, marketers have been changing their tactics in response to the consumer. Nowadays, consumers are a lot savvier and are being conditioned by brands like Amazon to have certain expectations, especially in their checkout experience.

Key #1: MotivationDifferent Personality PatternsCompetitiveMethodicalSpontaneousHumanisticLeverage Human TraitsUse design elements to help them make a decisionLoss AversionAddress their concernsKISSmetrics

App-Analyse: Mehr Abstürze mit iOS 8

In den ersten Tagen nach Veröffentlichung von iOS 8 erhöhte sich die App-Absturzrate nach Angabe der Analyse-Firma Crittercism auf gut 3,5 Prozent – das heißt unter 1000 App-Starts kam es zu 35 Abstürzen. Bei Geräten mit iOS 7.1 lag die Absturzrate in diesem Zeitraum angeblich bei 2 Prozent, eine Messung im März hatte 1,6 Prozent ermittelt.


IR- Wärmebildkamera fürs iPhone lieferbar

Als Flir Systems auf der CES 2014 im Januar mit dem Flir One eine Wärmebildkamera als Ansteckhülle für das iPhone vorstellte, glaubten einige, dass das Gerät so nie auf den Markt komme. Jetzt kann es bestellt werden.


Bending Test: iPhone 6, HTC One, Moto X and more

Apple Rejects Launcher, The App That Lets You Launch Other Apps From iOS 8 Notification Center

Apple doesn’t care for apps that let you launch other apps directly from the Notification Center, and has pulled one of the first apps to take advantage of this new functionality now available in iOS 8 from the iTunes App Store.


Navigating a New Codebase: Tips and tricks for getting up to speed quickly

Learning a new codebase can be a daunting task. There are typically many, many parts in any codebase and it can feel overwhelming to understand how everything fits together. After reading this tutorial you’ll be navigating a new codebase effectively.

Ray Wenderlich

Why The Microsoft Surface Just Died Last Week

That was when the company’s new CEO, Satya Nadella, announced the launch of Office for the iPad. He emphasized the company’s focus on cloud and mobile for the future. “We think about users both as individuals and organizations spanning across all devices,” Nadella said during the launch event. And what he said effectively killed the Microsoft Surface.

12 Things You Can Do Today to Get Your Mobile Strategy off the Ground

Analyze 13 things how you can do to adopt a powerful mobile strategy with little effort.

1. Advertise on Social Media
2. Gather Social Media Intelligence
3. Integrate Customer Engagement and Business Processes
4. Use Facebook Mobile App Install Ads
5. Test before Launch
6. Develop a “Mobile Power Team”
7. Improve App Store Ratings
8. Put Customer Needs First
9. Build Both Apps and Mobile Sites
10. Consider Time, Location, and Type of Device
11. Implement a Multi-screen Marketing Strategy
12. Capitalize on Market Trends


7 Experts Tell You How To Create Winning Marketing Surveys

One of the most effective ways to research your target market is through surveys. With so many great survey tools available it might seem easy to cobble one together. But if you want to gather actionable data that gives you deep insights, you need to understand the science and nuance behind creating a good survey (which requires data analysis chops, a knack for psychology and copy skills, among other things).


ASO (App Store Optimization) like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for App Stores

Quick insights:
Myth #1: Change your title often to adapt to high-ranking searches.
Truth: Pick a title and stick with it

Myth #2: Keywords aren’t that important.
Truth: Keywords are important.

Myth #3: It’s all about the ratings.
Truth: Ratings are important, but not the end all.

Myth #4: As long as it’s on the store people will find it.
Truth: It needs a lot of downloads to get recognized.

Myth #5: Description is not very important.
Truth: Description is very important.

App Store Optimization Monthly

Apple Engineers in 'War Room' Tracking Down iOS 8 Issues on Social Media

nice approach for early field failure analysis Quality Assurance:

Feedback AnalysisSocial Media Tracking

Following the launch of iOS 8 to the public yesterday, Apple employees in Cupertino are working to locate and remedy iOS 8 bugs that are popping up. As described by one Reddit user, the company has a "War Room" at Apple where employees are tracking down issues on social media.


Seven Steps to Creating a Data Driven Decision Making Culture.

Quick Summary:

# 7 Go for the bottom-line (outcomes)
# 6 Reporting is not Analysis
# 5 Depersonalize decision making
# 4 Proactive insights rather than reactive
# 3 Empower your analysts
# 2 Solve for the Trinity
# 1: Got Process?
# 0 Ownership of web analytics: Business

Avinash Kaushik
Author, Digital Marketing Evangelist - Google, Co-founder - Market Motive

Apple to Collect Fee from Banks for every Purchase made with Apple Pay

Apple will collect a fee from banks every time consumers use the company's new Apple Pay payments solution, reports Bloomberg. Citing three individuals close to the matter, the report notes that Apple struck individual deals with each bank it has partnered with. Those banks include JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, and more.


We are all cyborgs now

Technology is evolving us, says Amber Case, as we become a screen-staring, button-clicking new version of homo sapiens. We now rely on "external brains" (cell phones and computers) to communicate, remember, even live out secondary lives. But will these machines ultimately connect or conquer us? Case offers surprising insight into our cyborg selves.

TED Amber Case: We are all cyborgs now

Android Device Fragmentation

Nice animated graphic:
August 2013 versus August 2014

Open Signal

Why Apple doesn’t do MVPs (Minimal Viable Product)

The Biggest Lesson I Learned as an Apple Designer is a thoughtful piece that pushes back on the standard advice given out today of creating an MVP (minimum viable product) and learning as you go. It comes from a former Apple designer, Mark Kawano (who also wrote about Apple’s design culture), and suggests that MVPs just don’t make sense within the Apple process. Instead of “launching and learning”, Apple waits until their products are much more mature and offer a more complete experience.


WKWebView - The better UIWebView

WKWebView FrameworkAPI Differences WKWebView ↔︎ UIWebViewJavaScript ↔︎ Swift Communication
If your app is little more than a thin container around web content, WKWebView is a game-changer. All of that performance and compatibility that you've longed for is finally available. It's everything you might have hoped for.

If you're more of a native controls purist, you may be surprised at the power and flexibility afforded by the new technologies in iOS 8. It's a dirty secret that some stock apps like Messages use WebKit to render tricky content. The fact that you probably haven't noticed should be an indicator that web views actually have a place in app development best practices.


iTunes: Common Resons For App Rejections

Before you develop your app, it’s important to become familiar with the technical, content, and design criteria that we use to review all apps. We’ve highlighted some of the most common issues that cause apps to get rejected to help you better prepare your apps before submitting them for review.

Top 10:

14% More information needed8% Guideline 2.2: Apps that exhibit bugs will be rejected6%Did not comply with terms in the Developer Program License Agreement6% Guideline 10.6: Apple and our customers place a high value on simple, refined, creative, well thought through interfaces. They take more work but are worth it. Apple sets a high bar. If your user interface is complex or less than very good, it may be rejected5%Guideline 3.3: Apps with names, descriptions, or screenshots not relevant to the App content and functionality will be rejected5%Guideline 22.2: Apps that contain false, fraudulent or misleading representations or use names or icons similar to other Apps will be rejected4%Guid…