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Android Fragmentation Visualized

Top Mobile Operating Systems in Europe

It's the battle Android vs. iOS

Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian, Series 40, Windows Phone, Samsung


Apple System Status

Apple Service Stats

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Consumers in U.S. make case for low-cost iPhone demand w/ increased sales of previous generation iPhones

New numbers out today from research firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (via AllthingsD) show that consumers in the U.S. are purchasing an increasing number of previous generation iPhones compared to recent years. It certainly helps make the case for a much rumored lower-cost iPhone, with the iPhone 4 capturing 18 percent of iPhones sold in the US during the June quarter, and the iPhone 4S an impressive 30 percent.


Command Line Automation for iTunes Connect

You can now use Transporter, Apple’s command-line delivery tool, to deliver App Store metadata localizations, in addition to In-App Purchase and Game Center metadata. This includes screenshots, rights and pricing, and In-App Purchase hosted content assets. Using Transporter allows you to integrate with your own content management system and deliver your app metadata in bulk. This process is especially useful for adding and managing localizations, which help maximize your global App Store exposure.

You can also use Transporter to look up and retrieve your existing app's metadata, in order to see an example of correctly formatted XML.

To learn more about App Store packages, including how to create them, see the updated App Metadata Specification document available for download from the Manage Your Apps module on iTunes Connect.

For more information about downloading and installing Transporter, see the Transporter User Guide, also available for download from the Manage Your Apps modu…

Stunning Maps of 3 Billion Tweets Reveal iPhone vs. Android Neighborhoods

Chicago, with tweets from iPhones represented in red and tweets from Android devices represented in green. Image: Mapbox

Video on Android

Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)No Support, despite being the most popular version of AndroidAndroid 3.0 (Honeycomb)Streams cause tablet devices to crashAndroid 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)VOD streams do not seekAspect ratios are not detected and cause image deformationFullscreen causes videos to restart from the beginningAndroid 4.1+ (Jelly Bean)Aspect ratio issue is fixed, but seek is still unavailableChrome does not understand HLS leading to broken mimetype detectionTaking video fullscreen causes devices to throw an error and stop.Longtail Video Live Streaming on Android Devices Helix SDK for Android

Spark Inspector - Runtime Debugger for iOS Apps

Monitor & Experiment in Real-time

Monitor your app and experiment in a way you never thought possible. Add our framework to your Xcode project, and the Spark Inspector will offer you an entirely new debugging perspective. With a three-dimensional view of your app's interface and the ability to change view properties at runtime, Spark can help you craft the best apps on earth. Wiring your app together with notifications? Spark's notification monitor shows you each NSNotification as it's sent, complete with a stack trace, a list of recipients and invoked methods, and more. Understand app structure at a glance and debug smarter. That's Spark.

Spark Inspector