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Nice Blogs about UI

HTML5 made Clear Clone

Assign, retain, copy: pitfalls in Obj-C property accessors

Scope of this article: in this post I'll be discussing basic memory and mutability considerations in Objective-C accessor methods. If you're interested in atomicity and thread safety issues in accessor methods, please read my earlier post on Memory and thread-safe custom property methods. This post will only look at non-atomic accessors.

Cocoa with Love

iPhone: Preventing Piracy

The current process of cracking an application relies on stripping the application of encryption by attaching a debugger to the application on a jailbroken phone, dumping the text section containing the program code, and reinserting it into the original binary. The below code checks for the existence of LC_ENCRYPTION_INFO, and verifies that encryption is still enabled. There are, of course, a number of ways to defeat this check, but that's the nature of copy protection:
Landon Fuller: Preventing Piracy

UIWebView Data

Defines the types of information that can be detected in text-based content. enum { UIDataDetectorTypePhoneNumber = 1 << 0, UIDataDetectorTypeLink = 1 << 1, UIDataDetectorTypeAddress = 1 << 2, UIDataDetectorTypeCalendarEvent = 1 << 3, UIDataDetectorTypeNone = 0, UIDataDetectorTypeAll = NSUIntegerMax }; typedef NSUInteger UIDataDetectorTypes;
See UIKit Data Types Reference

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See also UIWebView Reference