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Launching Crashlytics Swift Support

When Apple introduced Swift, their new programming language, at this year’s WWDC, like you our engineers didn’t waste any time and dove in to see what it was all about. After spending the past few months testing out support in our developer preview, we’re excited to announce Crashlytics official support for Swift!

Tophersteller setzen deutlich weniger Tablets ab - Phablets erobern den Smartphone-Markt

Im vierten Quartal 2014 lief es für vier der fünf größten Tablethersteller schlecht: Die Absätze gingen teilweise deutlich zurück.
Apples Absatzzahlen sinken um 17,8 Prozent von 26 auf 21,4 Millionen, bei Samsung schrumpfen die Tabletauslieferungen um 18,4 Prozent von 13,5 auf 11 Millionen Geräte. Asus wurde statt 4 Millionen Tablets nur noch 3 Millionen los.


In Zeiten, in denen Smartphones immer größer werden, greifen mehr und mehr Nutzer zu Phablets. Diese Geräteklasse soll schon bald ein deutlich höheres Wachstum verzeichnen, als die normalen Smartphones mit einer Größe von bis zu 5,5 Zoll.


Nobody Knows What an iPad Is Good for Anymore

When Apple unveiled its tablet, the value proposition was relatively straightforward. At that time, you had your iPhone 3GS with its tiny screen, and your MacBook with its two-hour battery life. Those products left a nice big swath of casual use cases in-between for a third device to take care of. And that’s exactly how Steve Jobs justifi…

Comcast - Automatic Testing of instable network connections

Comcast improves your test coverage by letting you simulate shitty network connections so you can build better systems.

Testing distributed systems under hard failures like network partitions and instance termination is critical, but it's also important we test them under less catastrophic conditions because this is what they most often experience. Comcast is a tool designed to simulate common network problems like latency, bandwidth restrictions, and dropped/reordered/corrupted packets.

$ comcast --device=eth0 --latency=250 --target-bw=1000 --packet-loss=10%