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Parallel test execution on multiple iOS Simulators

GitHub plu/pxctest
fbsimctl is a command line interface to the FBSimulatorControl Framework. It intends to expose the core features of the FBSimulatorControl framework with a syntax that accommodates many common automation scenarios.
fbsimctl can be used to:
Remotely control a Simulator via a HTTP Wire Protocol.Install & Launch Applications or Spawn Processes.Record Videos of the Simulator's Screen.Fetch diagnostic logs associated with a Simulator.Easily perform the same task over multiple Simulators at once.Provide Machine-Readable output with JSON Reporting, enables easier automation from any language.Launch XCTest bundles for WebDriverAgent
GitHub facebook/FBSimulatorControl


fbxctest is an experimental test runner for running iOS testing bundles for the iOS Simulator Platform. fbxctest will provide the following features:

Structured Output of Test ResultsSupport for concurrent running against Simulators.A Test Runner independent of a Full Build Chain. faceboo…