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OneDrive and me are having a problem with each other... or two... or three.

OneDrive wants me to change the filename in that manner that It does not start or end with a spaceDoes not end with a dotDoes not begin with two dotsand... is in accordance with the UN guidelines about digital warfare.

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HockeyApp gets free after Microsoft taken over and now provides continuous functionalities

Visual Studio App Center

Continuous-Funktionalität für alles: Erstellen, Testen, Bereitstellen, Aktivieren, Wiederholen

Link to GitHub, BitBucket, whatsoeverBuildvorgänge in der CloudTesten auf echten GerätenAutomatisieren Sie Benutzeroberflächentests auf Tausenden von echten Geräten und mit Hunderten von Konfigurationen in der Cloud mithilfe gängiger Frameworks wie Appium, Espresso und XCUITestPushen von Liveupdates in die AppCordova and Xamarin onlySofortiges Verteilen von AppsSchnellere Analysen und ErkenntnisseÜberwachen der Integrität Ihrer AppsAnsprechen von Benutzern mit PushbenachrichtigungenVisual Studio App Center

Using Speech with iOS and Android: SiriKit, Voice Capabilities, Google Assistant

SiriKit enables your iOS apps and watchOS apps to work with Siri, so users can get things done using just their voice. Your content and services can be used in new scenarios including access from the lock screen and hands-free use.

Apps adopt SiriKit by building an extension that communicates with Siri, even when your app isn’t running. The extension registers with specific domains and intents that it can handle. For example, a messaging app would likely register to support the Messages domain, and the intent to send a message. Siri handles all of the user interaction, including the voice and natural language recognition, and works with your extension to get information and handle user requests.

Apple Developer

Adding Voice Capabilites

Voice actions are an important part of the wearable experience. They let users carry out actions hands-free and quickly. Wear provides two types of voice actions:

These voice actions are task-based and are built into the Wear platfo…

Electron - Build cross platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

If you can build a website, you can build a desktop app. Electron is a framework for creating native applications with web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It takes care of the hard parts so you can focus on the core of your application.

Web Technologies
Electron uses Chromium and Node.js so you can build your app with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Open Source
Electron is an open source project maintained by GitHub and an active community of contributors.

Cross Platform
Compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux, Electron apps build and run on three platforms.
The hard parts made easy

Automatic updatesNative menus & notificationsCrash reportingDebugging & profilingWindows installersElectron

Firebase Predictions API

Create custom predictions

In addition to the default predictions

will churnwill spendand will not spend
you can create custom predictions based on conversion events in your app.

Get started

Add Analytics and any custom events to your app.Enable Analytics data sharing in your app.Create and evaluate predictions.See the effects of different risk tolerance levels.Use a prediction with Remote Config.Use a prediction with the Notifications composer.
Google Firebase Predictions

Siri - still a long way to go...

Never mind Siri, thanks. 😒