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Firebase Predictions API

Create custom predictions

In addition to the default predictions

will churnwill spendand will not spend
you can create custom predictions based on conversion events in your app.

Get started

Add Analytics and any custom events to your app.Enable Analytics data sharing in your app.Create and evaluate predictions.See the effects of different risk tolerance levels.Use a prediction with Remote Config.Use a prediction with the Notifications composer.
Google Firebase Predictions
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Siri - still a long way to go...

Never mind Siri, thanks. ­čśĺ

Will Apple provide external GPU solutions by spring 2018?

There is a little hint that comes with the High Sierra documentation:

Virtual Reality f├╝r den Mac. Eine ganz neue Welt.
Mit macOS High Sierra k├Ânnen Entwickler zum ersten Mal interaktive Virtual Reality Erlebnisse auf dem Mac erstellen – mit dem neuen iMac mit Retina 5K Display, dem neuen iMac Pro, der Ende 2017 kommt, und jedem unterst├╝tzten Mac, der an eine externe GPU gekoppelt ist (Fu├čnote: Geplant f├╝r Fr├╝hjahr 2018).

I am curious :)

Apple High Sierra

Managing State with RxJava by Jake Wharton

Watch: This Brilliant Lego Calendar Syncs With Google

Last year, the designers at Vitamins, a design studio in London, took some time to build something for themselves. What they needed was a way to keep track of all their various projects. It had to be big and visual and easy to use in person but also accessible online. Their solution? A wall-sized calendar made entirely of Lego bricks that syncs with Google automatically via smartphone screenshots.


MockServer - Easy mocking of any system you integrate with via HTTP or HTTPS

MockServer can be used for mocking any system you integrate with via HTTP or HTTPS (i.e. services, web sites, apps, etc).

MockServer can:

return a "mock" response when a request matches an expectationforward a request when the request matches an expectation (i.e. a dynamic port forwarding proxy)execute a callback when a request matches an expectation, allowing the response to be created dynamicallyverify requests have been sent (i.e. as a test assertion)MockServer

LeakCanary - Memory leak detection library for Android

A memory leak detection library for Android and Java.

“A small leak will sink a great ship.” - Benjamin Franklin

LeakCanary will automatically show a notification when an activity memory leak is detected in your debug build.

GitHub / LeakCanary