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Pieceable Viewer

Show your iOS apps on the web inside an interactive flash movie.

Pieceable Viewer works with most iPhone applications. If you have a native binary that runs on the iOS Simulator, it should run in Pieceable Viewer. UIKit based applications work best. OpenGL and MapView based content runs but isn't rendered - these will be better supported in a later version. iPad applications will be supported in a later version.


Apples Instructions for Submitting your iPhone/iPod touch Demo Application

Demo versions of your shipping application cannot have any type of log-in, account, password, ability to save a player's name, etc.
Please note: This is a VERY important requirement.
If your shipping application requires users to log-in to an account, please create a demo app that upon launch is already logged-in to an account that contains demo data.If you use demo data, make sure that it is fully licensed for your use. (For example, don't use the names of characters from the latest hit movie.)Make sure to disable logins to all third-party accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, etc. For games, remember to disable the login to the online "leader board."
For features that you are disabling for the demo, please include a popup alert that states, "Feature not enabled for this demo."
Please localize this message for all of the languages the app supports.
For example, if your shipping app enables users to purchase additional game levels, the demo should let the us…

10 Coolest Keyboard Shortcuts You Never Knew About

Keyboard shortcuts are the lifeblood of many productive Mac users. Not only can keyboard shortcuts make for a nicer user experience and cut down on the time needed to do a task, they can also just be plain cool. Mac OS X has many shortcuts ready and willing to do your bidding, but also has many hidden and unknown shortcuts. That's why we've compiled a list of 10 of the coolest keyboard shortcuts you never knew about.


Apple-Geräte im mobilen Internet weiter vorn

Die mobile Internet-Nutzung in Deutschland wird von Apple-Geräten angeführt, danach folgen Handys mit dem Google-System Android und Nokia-Geräte, wie aus neuen Daten der Werbeplattform madvertise hervorgeht.

Demnach entfielen im April 50,4 Prozent der mobilen Internet-Nutzung in Deutschland auf iPhone, iPad oder iPod touch; im Februar waren es noch 64,3 Prozent gewesen.

Auf dem zweiten Platz liegt Android mit 29,6 Prozent (Februar: 34,1 Prozent) vor dem Nokia-System Symbian, das überraschend zulegen kann - von 13,3 auf 18.2 Prozent. Nokia hat angekündigt, künftig das Microsoft-System Windows Mobile auf seinen Smartphones einzusetzen. Die weiteren Systeme WebOS, Windows Mobile und Blackberry liegen in der Nutzung gemessen an den Werbedaten von madvertise vom April jeweils unter einem Prozent.

Link to iTunes or AppStore

You can use the links from the Desktop iTunes and replace

http with itms or itms-apps
https with itmss or itms-appss

These link to iTunes / App store respectively.

So for example the Link to the account management on the desktop iTunes App points to: (Desktop)

On an iPad the following links then show the page in iTunes or App Store Apps.
itmss:// (iTunes app)
itms-appss:// (App Store App)


GrandPerspective is a small utility application for Mac OS X that graphically shows the disk usage within a file system. It can help you to manage your disk, as you can easily spot which files and folders take up the most space. It uses a so called tree map for visualisation. Each file is shown as a rectangle with an area proportional to the file's size. Files in the same folder appear together, but their placement is otherwise arbitrary.


Ihr Apple-Gerät für Google Sync einrichten

Um Google Sync auf Ihrem iPhone, iPad oder iPod touch einzurichten, führen Sie bitte folgende Schritte aus.

Google Mobile


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iPhone 4 dominates Flicker

Earlier today, TUAW noted that according to Flickr’s stats, the iPhone 4 is now the most popular camera across the site. Yes, it has overtaken all those professional cameras, all the point-and-shoots, etc. That’s huge.


Distimo: China Now The Second Largest iPhone App Market After The U.S.

After reporting the Android Market’s increasing rate of growth in April’s research, app store analytics company Distimo is releasing a new study that focuses on Apple’s App Store development in Asia. The company took a look at iOS app data in China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.


Mobile Apps überholen das Web

Erstmalig werden native mobile Apps mehr genutzt als das mobile und Desktop-basierte Web zusammengenommen. Eine in den USA durchgeführte Studie des Mobile-Analytics-Spezialisten Flurry verdeutlicht, wie sich die durchschnittliche tägliche Nutzungszeit von mobilen Apps im Vergleich mit der Verweildauer im Web in den letzten zwölf Monaten entwickelt hat.


Leveraging your iPhone development expertise to build Windows Phone 7 applications

Assuming you are a happy coder, the joy of developing software all comes down to a few things:

Building something cool that users will enjoy
Getting rewards from users and recognition from peers
Learning how to solve new challenges and build novel features.
Even if you have a solid expertise on a particular platform/language, I think it is essential to be a “polyglot” developer. In other words, you might have a native or preferred language, but opening your mind to others can be very stimulating and will bring considerable value to your abilities and your resume.

Jumping from one platform or language to another can introduce breaking changes in your habits, but ultimately change is very stimulating and will expand your opportunities.

If you are a .NET developer, learning Windows Phone development is not really “change.” Instead, it is more of a continuum, where you just add new features to what you already know. If you are an iPhone developer, new to Windows Phone (and .NET), yes this…

Unit Testing in Xcode 4 Quick Start Guide

Unit testing is great because it makes your life easier. Easier to deliver high quality code, and easier to make changes without fear of breaking something!
But what might not be so easy is getting started if you’re new to unit testing – and that’s what this tutorial is all about!
We’ll cover how to set up Xcode to use three different unit testing frameworks:

OCUnit, which is the unit testing framework built into XcodeGHUnit, which is a third party framework with some extra cool featuresOCMock, which helps you write mock objects to aid tricky testing scenariosRay Wenderlich