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iPhone Crash Logs Symbolicate

As a tester, whenever you synchronize your iPhone or iPod Touch, all the crash logs are transferred to your computer.

As a developer, you can use the Xcode Organizer to obtain crash logs for any device that you have enabled as a development device.

If crash log is emailed to drag the file into organizer. Organizer will automatically symbolicate all crash reports that it encounters, but in order to do so it must have the .dSYM and application binary that produced the crash report.

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Flip4Mac WMV Components allow you to import, export and play Windows Media video and audio files on your Mac. Flip4Mac WMV export components can be used with QuickTime Pro, Final Cut Pro, Compressor, and iMovie 06 (iMovie '08 and '09 not supported).


Include custom fonts and get their font-family names

First add the font to your build target, then add it to the plist in the fonts list.

Then you can use this code to dump all font family names:

- (void)dumpFonts {
 for(NSString *fontName in [UIFont familyNames]) {
   NSLog(@"fontName => %@",fontName);
   for(NSString *familyMemberName in [UIFont fontNamesForFamilyName:fontName]) {
     NSLog(@"- familyMemberName => %@",familyMemberName);

Apple asks for passwords for in-app purchases

It might have taken parental outrage and threats of a Federal Trade Commission investigation, but Apple has changed its policy on in-app purchases: In iOS 4.3, all in-app purchases now require users to enter their Apple ID passwords.



Advanced Mobile Device Management

Mobile Data Security, Visibility and Control for Enterprises

Phones are replaceable. Data is not. Advanced Mobile Device Management combines traditional mobile device management capabilities with advanced data visibility and control powered by the Virtual Smartphone Management Platform architecture. The administrator can manage the lifecycle of the phone and its data, from registration to retirement, and quickly get smartphone operations under control. Tour the Enterprise Smartphone Management Dashboard.

Multi-OS Device Management

Central web-based console across operating systems
Inventory and asset managementDevice configurationEncryption policy (phone, SD)Lockdown security (camera, SD, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi)Password enforcementRemote lock and wipeFile distributionEnd-user self-service
App Management
InventorySecure publishing and deliveryRogue app protection
Remote Control
Real-time, permission-based
Enterprise Data Boundary
Selective wipePrivacy policy

CouchDB for iOS

A build of Apache CouchDB optimized for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch


CouchDB - Key Features
CouchDB is a peer based distributed database system. Any number of CouchDB hosts (servers and offline-clients) can have independent “replica copies” of the same database, where applications have full database interactivity (query, add, edit, delete). When back online or on a schedule, database changes are replicated bi-directionally.

CouchDB has built-in conflict detection and management and the replication process is incremental and fast, copying only documents and individual fields changed since the previous replication. Most applications require no special planning to take advantage of distributed updates and replication.


WiiMote and iPhone connected via Bluetooth

Neben einem Jailbreak-iPhone und dem Wii Remote-Zubehör, bedarf es softwareseitig einem eigenen Bluetooth Stack und ein wenig Signatur-Software (LDID) über Cydia.

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iOS UI Pattern

Patterns for lists, login masks, ... compared from different reference apps. Great!

And even more:
Mobile Design Patterns and Galleries

Facebook API

Facebook Platform provides SDKs for iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android. If your mobile app runs on a platform without a Facebook SDK or runs in a mobile browser, you can use our web-based Facebook Login, Platform Dialogs and Graph API directly.

This guide walks you through the basics of creating mobile apps that leverage Facebook Platform. The examples in this guide use Objective-C for iOS, Java for Android and HTML/JavaScript for Mobile Web applications. These examples are very straightforward and easily translatable to other languages.

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appboy SDK

Appboy is focused on helping mobile users explore the hundreds of thousands of mobile apps in the market and helping developers engage users more fully. We do this by providing an SDK that can easily be integrated into your apps to allow users to check in, earn points, win Captainships, and unlock badges.
As a developer using the Appboy+ SDK, you can engage your users like never before. Appboy is about three things: Driving Behavior, Boosting Discovery and Growing Interaction.

appboy SDK

Emoji Push Notifications

The complete list of iPhone emoji Unicode characters. Just add the respective code (including the forward slash) to your push notification alert to have it display any of the following graphics.

Emoji Alerts