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Why, hello!. I'm Yeoman - a robust and opinionated client-side stack, comprised of tools and frameworks that can help developers quickly build beautiful web applications.
From Google.

Lucidchart: Online Diagram & Flowcharts with Google Docs

We have rethought and redesigned the entire diagramming process to make it as easy as possible. Draw flow charts, wireframes, UML diagrams, and more with just a few clicks.

Google Docs integration


iOS Automated Tests with UIAutomation - summary

Automated tests are very useful to test your app “while you sleep”. It enables you to quickly track regressions and performance issues, and also develop new features without worrying to break your app.
Since iOS 4.0, Apple has released a framework called UIAutomation, which can be used to perform automated tests on real devices and on the iPhone Simulator. The documentation on UIAutomation is quite small and there is not a lot of resources on the web. This tutorial will show you how to integrate UIAutomation in your workflow.

Manbolo Blog

JavaScript Unit Test Frameworks

==> Buster.JS

A browser JavaScript testing toolkit. It does browser testing with browser automation (think JsTestDriver), qunit style static html page testing, testing in headless browsers (phantomjs, jsdom, ...), and more. Take a look at the overview!

A Node.js testing toolkit. You get the same test case library, assertion library, etc. This is also great for hybrid browser and Node.js code. Write your test case with Buster.JS and run it both in Node.js and in a real browser.

(interesting approach - still in beta but was used by PocketIsland/Wooga)


JsUnit is a Unit Testing framework for client-side (in-browser) JavaScript. It is essentially a port of JUnit to JavaScript. Also included is a platform for automating the execution of tests on multiple browsers and mutiple machines running different OSs.

JsUnit's development began in January 2001; JsUnit was the first testing framework for JavaScript. Over the years, it became a project maintained by Pivotal Labs. These days,…

Telerik Automated Testing

Native & web apps
Finally native mobile application testing tool for your iPad, iPhone & iPod apps. No jailbreak needed.

Record & run tests
We don't rely on image based element detection, we use object based recording instead.

Get Beta testers in
Take screenshots and send comments. Easily gather feedback from your early beta testers.

Sync test resultsSOON
Deploy & sync up tests and results across all devices. Check your tests in a real source repository.


itunes Link Maker

Create links for the iTunes Store, the App Store, the iBookstore, and the Mac App Store.

With Link Maker, you can create links to content on the iTunes Store, the App Store, the iBookstore, and the Mac App Store, and then place those links on your website or within your app.

Link Maker

Umsätze im M-Commerce nehmen zu

Nach dem Bundesverband des Deutschen Versandhandels e.V. (bvh) hat nun auch der Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) die Ergebnisse einer repräsentativen Umfrage zum mobilen Online-Handel (M-Commerce) veröffentlicht. Die Ergebnisse der Expertenbefragung "Trend in Prozent" in der Online-Branche sind nahezu identisch zu der vorherigen Befragung: M-Commerce-Umsätze werden demnach weiter steigen. Der gesamte E-Commerce-Bereich, inklusive dem Teilbereich des M-Commerce, wird nach Einschätzung der Experten in diesem Jahr um 16 Prozent zulegen.


CodePen: HTML, CSS und JavaScript entdecken, lernen und teilen

CodePen ist eine neue Community zum Entdecken und Teilen von Code-Snippets in HTML, CSS und JavaScript mit Vorschau sowie Editor im Browser. Wir stellen euch CodePen kurz vor.


Debugging UIViewController

DCIntrospect Introspect is small set of tools for iOS that aid in debugging user interfaces built with UIKit. It's especially useful for UI layouts that are dynamically created or can change during runtime, or for tuning performance by finding non-opaque views or views that are re-drawing unnecessarily. It's designed for use in the iPhone simulator, but can also be used on a device.
iOS Hierarchy Viewer iOS Hierarchy Viewer allows developers to debug their user interfaces. If there are problems with layout calculations, it will catch them by giving a real time preview of the UIViews hierarchy.


#ifdef DEBUG
#   define DLog(fmt, ...) NSLog((@"%s [Line %d] " fmt), __PRETTY_FUNCTION__, __LINE__, ##__VA_ARGS__);
#   define DLog(...)


Von Boxcryptor gibt es nun auch eine Mac-Version, womit die Verschlüsselungssoftware nun auf vier Plattformen zur Verfügung steht. Zudem kostet die Software in der Basisversion nichts mehr und hat weniger Beschränkungen.

Die Software Boxcryptor arbeitet mit Cloud-Speichern wie Dropbox, Google Drive oder Microsoft Skydrive zusammen. Daten legt sie dort mit 256-Bit-AES-Verschlüsselung ab und lässt sich dabei wie eine virtuelle Festplatte nutzen.



Many JavaScript implementations do not warn against questionable coding practices. Yes, that's nice for the site that "works best with Internet Explorer" (designed with templates, scripted with snippets copied from forums). But it's a nightmare when you actually want to write quality, maintainable code.

That's where JavaScript Lint comes in. With JavaScript Lint, you can check all your JavaScript source code for common mistakes without actually running the script or opening the web page.

JavaScript Lint holds an advantage over competing lints because it is based on the JavaScript engine for the Firefox browser. This provides a robust framework that can not only check JavaScript syntax but also examine the coding techniques used in the script and warn against questionable practices.

JavaScript Lint
Online Form


on{X} lets you control and extend the capabilities of your Android phone using a JavaScript API to remotely program it.


Only the best iOS App Icons