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Guidelines for controls for Windows Apps

This section aggregates design information about all the available controls into a single place for ease of access and quick reference. It describes the standard controls that are available without customization. It also provides an example of usage in a real app for each control.

All the controls in this section are included in the templates for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. See Downloads to get the templates.


How To Compare Image Revisions In Github

Github supports a number of image formats such as PNG, JPG, GIF, and PSD. Similar to how we compare codes, we first select the image and click the History button. Below the image, you will see the list of ways to compare the image, namely 2-Up, Swipe, and Onion Skin.

Google I/O 2014 Preview: The Developer Conference Has A Design And Wearables Focus This Year

Android In The CarAndroid TV and Android In The HomeAndroid 5.0
A recently revealed project called Quantum Paper looks to be set to bring a total redesign to Android software via distinct new guidelines, and Polymer is said to be a framework to hep make that happen via customizable, reusable interface elements.

Google Play Quarterly App Revenue More Than Doubled Over Past Year, Thanks To Games, Freemium Apps

Most notably, Google Play quarterly app revenue – a number that tends to trail that of Apple’s iOS App Store – has more than doubled over the past year, up 2.4x from Q1 2013 to Q1 2014, App Annie says.


Amazon Press Conference: Jeff Bezos introduces Fire phone

The Highlights:

FireflyText, Audio, Video AND Object recognition on real world objects!With the ActiveWidget Feature you can attach your service to objects recognized with Firefly3D-DisplayObserving your view on the screen and produces a 3D experienceDynamic PerspectiveGyroscope- or user view depending UI navigation and interaction

Apple Design Awards 2014

The developers of these exceptional apps combined design and technology in creative, compelling, and powerful ways. Learn more about the winning apps of 2014 and the developers behind them.

Great examples to adopt design ideas.

Sky Guide: View Stars Night or DayCinemagraph ProStorehouse - Visual StorytellingMonument ValleyThrees!DEVICE 6BlekLeo’s FortuneDay OneYahoo News DigestTeachley: Addimal AdventurePanoPerfect

Apple Design Awards

Managing Your Registered Devices List

The ability to recycle slots is only available from the start of a membership year until the time you add your first new device, so be certain to remove all of the devices you no longer require before adding any new ones. Once you've added a new device, you will be unable to recycle additional device slots until your next membership year begins.

Apple Developer News