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Smartphone Market Q4/2016: Apple back to #1

Apple hat sich nach zwei Jahren mal wieder an die Spitze des Smartphone-Markts geschoben und liegt nun knapp vor Samsung – dank eines starken Weihnachtsquartals und des Note-7-Debakels.

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Top 10 iOS Conferences in 2017

Attending an iOS conference is a great way to learn new things and make new friends.
Also – as Ray said in one of his recent talks – good conferences give you a spark of motivation that burns even brighter even after you return home. Did you ever notice that upbeat attitude the days right after a conference?
There’s plenty of great iOS conferences out there, so choosing which one to attend can be difficult. This post will help you find the best matches for you in 2017.
Picking the top 10 is a hard task. This is why I reached out to the team and the entire iOS community to ask for their feedback in developing this list.

Ray Wenderlich

Automate Testing & Build Delivery with fastlane and Travis CI

Conclusions and Future Considerations

We demonstrated how to set up continuous integration and delivery in a real-world setting. We made our code reviews safer by making Travis CI run our test suite automatically on each pull request. And finally, we automated pushing builds to testers and clients, thus saving developers from having to do it manually.