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JetBrains TeamCity

One reason TeamCity is dubbed an "Intelligent CI server" is its approach to integration. When we say we support a tool, we mean it in every way possible. For example, support for Visual Studio projects provides automatic detection of tool versions, testing frameworks support, code coverage, static code analysis, and more. And the best thing is, you get all this support without installing any plugins and with no modifications to build scripts!

Java, .NET, Ruby, Xcode, C++, Python, Ruby, PHP, ...

JetBrains TeamCity

Spritz - reading faster

Increase your reading speed to lightspeed!

Reading is inherently time consuming because your eyes have to move from word to word and line to line. Traditional reading also consumes huge amounts of physical space on a page or screen, which limits reading effectiveness on small displays. Scrolling, pinching, and resizing a reading area doesn’t fix the problem and only frustrates people. Now, with compact text streaming from Spritz, content can be streamed one word at a time, without forcing your eyes to spend time moving around the page. Spritz makes streaming your content easy and more comfortable, especially on small displays. Our “Redicle” technology enhances readability even more by using horizontal lines and hash marks to direct your eyes to the red letter in each word, so you can focus on the content that interests you. Best of all, Spritz’s patent-pending technology can integrate into photos, maps, videos, and websites to promote more effective communication.

Xamarin and MvvmCross

Xamarin Create Native iOS, Android, Mac and Windows apps in C#

Xamarin delivers high performance compiled code with full access to all the native APIs so you can create native apps with device-specific experiences. Anything you can do in Objective-C or Java, you can do in C# with Xamarin.


MvvmCross for Xamarin This project provides a cross-platform mvvm mobile development framework built on top of:

Silverlight for WP7, WP8
Mono for Android (or Xamarin.Android)
MonoTouch for iOS (or Xamarin.iOS)
the WinRT XAML framework for Windows 8 Store apps.
Mono for Mac (or Xamarin.Mac)
This project makes extensive use of Portable Class Libraries to provide maintainable cross platform C# native applications.


Apple acquired Burstly - maker of TestFlight

Apple said today that it has acquired Burstly, a company that makes software tools for app testing and advertising. Apple has been working recently to make it easier for developers to test their apps, recently doubling the number of promotional codes that app makers can use to seed their products to testers and reviewers. Having TestFlight in the fold could give Apple another tool to help its developers give their apps a final polish before going on sale.

No surprise, they are ending the android support by March 21, 2014...

The Verge
TestFlight: Android End of Life

Worthy iOS libraries

The days when a developer reinvents the wheel over and over again should be gone (at least for us iOS developers). One should always know what’s available on the internet before starting to do anything (and I’m referring to non-trivial tasks).

Why? You can find a good open source project that does exactly what you need. Even if you don’t, people who tried to do similar things definitely encountered issues you might encounter. Some of them found good solutions, other just listed bottlenecks, concerns. Adding this info to the one you started from determines some boundaries of the potential solution. This global experience is priceless.

AFNetworkingCocoapodsToolkitsFormatterKitKiwiappledocRestKitReachabilitySDWebImagemuch more...Yet another iOS Blog

App Store: Install the latest compatible version of an app

App Store: Install the latest compatible version of an app
iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks include new features that many of your favorite apps take advantage of when you update them. Some of these features are specific to the latest versions of iOS and OS X. As a result, the latest versions of some apps may not work with your device or computer if you are still using an earlier version of iOS or OS X. Thanks to the App Store, you may still be able to re-download a compatible, earlier version of an app when you are using an older operating system.

Support Apple

Managing Availability of Your Apps' Previous Versions Previous versions of your apps are now available for re‑download by users who have already purchased them, allowing customers to use your apps with older devices which may no longer be supported by the current version of your app. If you do not wish to make these versions available, you can manage the availability of your apps' previous versions in the Rights and Pricing se…

iOS and Android Campaign Measurement for App installs

Android: Google Play Campaign Measurement Google Play Campaign Measurement is a feature of Google Mobile App Analytics that enables the attribution of native Android app installs to advertising campaigns and other marketing efforts in your Google Analytics app reports. Verifying that your Google Play Campaign Measurement implementatin is working properly before the application is submitted to Google Play ensures that campaign measurement data is as accurate as possible at the time of launch.
This guide will illustrate one means of testing a Google Play Campaign Measurement implementation.
Developers Google Mobile App Tracking
iOS: Cookie Tracking / Browser Identification For iOS no such standard way exists. The main workarounds involve the setting of a cookie in the ad and then opening a WebView with the ad again after install - alternate identify the device by the informations the browser publishes (IP, accept-encoding, ...). There are some rumors Apple would reject apps for cookie tr…

apiary - Quickly document and mock server APIs

Building an API

Fast-track your API Design

Write an API in 30mins, share it with your teammates or customers and let them use the API mock to take it for a spin. Iterate, rinse & repeat. Coding can wait until you know what to build.



NSURLProtocol is both the most obscure and the most powerful part of the URL Loading System. It's an abstract class that allows subclasses to define the URL loading behavior of new or existing schemes.

Intercepting HTTP requests to serve images locally from the app bundle resources, if availableSigning outgoing streaming media requestsCreating a proxy server for a local data transformation service with a URL request interfaceIntroducing custom schemes (e.g. myapplocalfile://myfile.gif) and intercept them Even the UIWebView class makes request using the default iOS URL Loading System, so you might use custom scheme inside HTML, creating an NSURLProtocol and deliver the response from a local file.
NSHipster NSURLProtocol

Mobile Abrufzahlen von Onlineportalen im Januar 2014

Auf wurden rund 91,5 Millionen mobile Visits verzeichnet. Zweitplatzierter ist Spiegel Online mit 57,7 Millionen mobilen Visits vor TV Spielfilm Online mit 49 Millionen mobilen Visits. Die erfolgreichsten mobilen Portale unter den TV-Sendern waren mit 41,4 Millionen mobilen Visits, (36,8 Mio.), SPORT 1 (26,4 Mio.) und N 24 Online (7 Mio.).

Bild.deSPIEGEL ONLINETV SPIELFILM OnlineFOCUS ONLINEkicker Diese von der IVW geprüften und veröffentlichten Zahlen basieren auf der Nutzungsmessung durch die INFOnline.
Verband Privater Rundfunk und Telemedien e.V.

Rotate Simulator programatically

There is an undocumented method to force rotation in code. While this will work for tests, it could get your app rejected if you use it in a submitted app:
[[UIDevice currentDevice] setOrientation:UIInterfaceOrientationLandscapeRight animated:YES];

Just include this category wherever you need to use this method:
@interface UIDevice (MethodsThatAppleWillHitMeWithTheBanStickForUsing)
    -(void)setOrientation:(UIInterfaceOrientation)orientation animated:(BOOL)animated;


Conceal for Secure Android File Encryption

If you are an Android developer you might have used SQLCipher as drop in replacement for SQLite that allows for encrypted data storage. You might have also used IOCipher that provides an encrypted file system backed by SQLCipher. The problem with these is that they are fairly large (multiple Mb for the ARM version due to SSL) and using SQL to store file data is a pragmatic yet heavy way to provide for file encryption. Many apps implement their own file based security but that can easily lead to cryptographic vulnerabilities.

Facebook has just announced Conceal, a new opensource Java library that provides for file based encrypted storage, for example on SD cards where apps can otherwise view either other’s data. Conceal is easy to use, fast and they have managed to take just the parts of Open SSL they require and have reduced the extra SSL payload down to just 85KB.

Mobile Phone Development