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Remote Debugging WebViews with Android 4.4 KitKat

Starting Android 4.4 (KitKat), you can use the DevTools to debug the contents of Android WebViews inside native Android applications. Debugging WebViews requires:

An Android device or emulator running Android 4.4 or later, with USB debugging enabled as described in 2. Enable USB debugging on your device .Chrome 30 or later. Enhanced WebView debugging UI is available in Chrome 31 or later.An Android application with a WebView configured for debugging.
Android Developer

Tablets: Samsung rückt dichter an Apple heran

Apple führt den Tabletmarkt weiterhin an, aber der Abstand zu Samsung verringert sich weiter. Weniger als zehn Prozentpunkte trennen Samsung noch von Apple. Der gesamte Tabletmarkt legte um 36,7 Prozent zu.

HerstellerVerkaufte TabletsMarktanteil1. Apple14,1 Millionen29,6 Prozent2. Samsung9,7 Millionen20,4 Prozent3. Asus3,5 Millionen7,4 Prozent4. Lenovo2,3 Millionen4,8 Prozent5. Acer1,2 Millionen2,5 Prozent Q3/2013 Quelle: IDC


iTunes Connect xmas downtime: 21-27th of December

iTunes Connect will be temporarily unavailable from Saturday, December 21, to Friday, December 27, 2013.

During that time, iTunes Connect will not be accessible and you will not be able to submit any apps or In-App Purchases. Processing of any Newsstand Atom feeds will be delayed until after December 27. Sales and Trends reports via the Autoingestion tool will be available but may also be delayed.

Also, you should not schedule any pricing changes or apps to go live between those dates. Pricing changes scheduled to take effect in that date range will cause the app to become unavailable for purchase until after December 27. Similarly, apps scheduled to go live during that range will not be released until after December 27.