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Team building: "Meme-Your-Colleague"

Lately we were hiring a lot of developers and had to integrate them in our team. So we decided to do an infotainment team event, targeting both: getting to know each other on a personal level and learning about the business and technical state, challenges and visions.

Usually a meeting like this starts with everybody telling a few words about themselves... one... after... each... other... and after third speaker latest everybody gets bored.
So we came up with the "Meme-Your-Colleague" game: Build teams of two personsGive them half an hour to get to know each otherBoth have to assemble a five minute presentation of five slides of each otherEach slide consists of exactly one meme telling a (fun) fact of that person You may want to use a meme generator and a presentation tool like Keynote or PowerPoint.
It ended up with the whole team having a lot of fun: a perfect ice breaker! Give it a shot!