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Following iPhone 6 And 6 Plus Launches, App Marketing Costs Hit An All-Time High

The successful launches of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, along with the release of Apple’s new mobile operating system iOS 8 have impacted the marketing costs associated with gathering downloads for mobile applications, and retaining regular users. According to a new report out this morning from app marketing technology provider Fiksu, the costs associated with retaining a “loyal user” – that is, someone who opens an app three times or more – is now at an all-time high, as of September.


Custom Launch Images with Storyboards since iOS 8

Earlier this week, tweets from Nick Lockwood and James Thomson alerted me to an as yet undocumented new feature in the iOS 8 SDK: you can now use a storyboard scene in place of your app’s launch images.

Creating a Launch Screen File
The launch screen file is displayed as a splash screen while your app is launching. It’s a single, atomic .xib file that uses size classes to support different device resolutions. It contains basic UIKit views, such as UIImageView and UILabel objects, and uses Auto Layout constraints. Xcode adds a default launch screen file, called LaunchScreen.xib, to your project.

Follow these guidelines when creating a launch screen file:

Use only UIKit classes.Use a single root view that is a UIView or UIViewController object.Don’t make any connections to your code (don’t add actions or outlets).Don’t add UIWebView objects.Don’t use any custom classes.Don’t use runtime attributes.
You can add a launch screen file to an older Xcode project.

To create a launch screen file…

Apple Releases Third OS X Yosemite Golden Master Candidate to Developers

Apple today released a third golden master candidate of OS X Yosemite to developers, just two days after releasing the second candidate golden master and the fifth public beta. The first golden master candidate was seeded to developers on September 30.

Sounds like Apple has issues, too. Reminds me on the _final.ppt _final_final.ppt _final_final_reallyfinal.ppt postfixes in my career!

Updated iOS Human Interface Guidelines

Great assembled, visual overview over all iOS 8 features.

UI Design BasicsDesigning for iOSiOS App AnatomyAdaptivity and LayoutStarting and StoppingNavigationModal ContextsInteractivity and FeedbackAnimationBrandingColor and TypographyIcons and GraphicsTerminology and WordingIntegrating with iOSDesign StrategiesDesign PrinciplesFrom Concept to ProductCase Study: From Desktop to iOSiOS TechnologiesApp ExtensionsNotification CenterMultitaskingSocial MediaiCloudPassbookIn-App PurchaseGame CenteriAd Rich Media AdsAirPrintAccessing User DataQuick LookSoundVoiceOverRoutingEdit MenuUndo and RedoKeyboards and Input ViewsUI ElementsBarsContent ViewsControlsTemporary ViewsIcon and Image DesignIcon and Image SizesApp IconLaunch ImagesBar Button IconsNewsstand IconsWeb Clip IconsCreating Resizable ImagesiOS Human Interface Guidelines

iOS 8.1 Code Hints at Retina HD Display for New iPads

With the iPhone 6, Apple debuted a new display technology called Retina HD, which resulted in wider viewer angles, higher resolutions, higher contrast and a thinner display. Developer Hamza Sood has now discovered frameworks within iOS 8.1 Beta 2 that contain '3x' assets that point to higher resolution displays in the new iPad models.


Apple Delaying Mass Production of 12.9-Inch iPad to Deal with Strong iPhone 6 Plus Demand

Apple and its suppliers are delaying plans to mass produce the larger 12.9-inch iPad in order to deal with strong demand for the iPhone 6 Plus, reports The Wall Street Journal. Apple was originally planning to mass produce the larger tablet in December, however the company has remained unsatisfied with the production output from its suppliers for its larger iPhone.


Video Walkthrough of Apple CarPlay on Pioneer Receiver Shows Siri, Phone, Maps, and More

Last week, Pioneer announced that it became the first company to offer support for Apple's CarPlay vehicle integration feature in five of its 2014 NEX in-dash multimedia receivers through a firmware update. Now, Josh Carr of technology repair firm Fix Denver (via TUAW) has put together a four-part video walkthrough of downloading, installing and using CarPlay on Pioneer's $700 AVH-4000NEX receiver, giving an overview of various apps and features.


Swift System Version Checking



Ironically, the new NSProcessInfo APIs aren't especially useful at the time of writing, since they're unavailable for iOS 7.

As an alternative, one can use the systemVersion property UIDevice

switch UIDevice.currentDevice()"8.0.0", options: NSStringCompareOptions.NumericSearch) {
case .OrderedSame, .OrderedDescending:
    println("iOS >= 8.0")
case .OrderedAscending:
    println("iOS < 8.0")


Issuu Brings Its “YouTube For Magazines” To The iPhone And iPad

Several years ago, digital reading platform issuu gave up on the iTunes App Store after several rejections stemming from its then too-competitive nature with Apple’s planned Newsstand service. Now, it’s back. The company has released its first iOS app that brings a variety of free publications to iPhone and iPad users worldwide, with over 10,000 new ones being added daily in 30 languages.


Apple Creates Tool to Check Activation Lock Status on iOS Devices

Apple has released a new Activation Lock Status tool (via iDownloadBlog) that will make it easier for people buying a used iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to avoid getting a device that is locked to another user.

iCloud - Activation Lock

Everything You Need to Know About the Psychology of the Call to Action

Every web marketer knows about the call to action. But how many web marketers really understand the call to action?

The answer, I’m afraid, is not very many.

The call to action has a fascinating psychology behind it that includes width, color, border size, copy, and cool CSS effects. Yet, at the same time, this psychology goes far beyond those elements. When we understand the psychology of the call to action, we take huge strides forward in our effectiveness as marketers.

To know the psychology of the call to action is to be a wizard of conversion optimization because psychology drives the entire science and art of conversion optimization. If you know just a little bit about the psychology that motivates our behavior, you will massively increase your power.

Here are the psychological principles that power the CTA.